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Home & Content Insurance

Home insurance is a type of insurance product that protects your property and your belongings. There are three main types of home insurance: buildings insurance, contents insurance and combined buildings and contents insurance.

Insurance Explained

Buildings insurance is a mandatory requirement by mortgage companies to protect their joint asset. Most homeowners also choose to add contents insurance in order to protect their valuables should the worst happen. Many insurance companies offer premiums purely based on monthly premium rather than a tailored solution to match your needs – this could lead to you being underinsured


Should you need to make a claim, it’s important that you’re not under insured. If you had £20,000 of contents insurance cover and after making a claim the insurance assessor find that you contents insurance is not sufficient, the insurance company will not pay the total amount of your claim as you are under insured, and will reduce the amount they will pay out accordingly.

Its important to consider the in’s and out’s of an insurance policy especially any hidden exclusions that could come back to bite you should you need to make a claim.

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Home Insurance

Penny Mortgages aim to provide you with all the insurance cover advice you require to meet your every need.

No two customers are the same; each has their own specific insurance requirements. That’s why we take the time to understand each client’s concerns. Our primary objective is to establish a relationship between you, the insurance company, and our agency. We provide options specifically designed to cover your losses and control insurance costs.

There are additional elements that can be added to a policy but this will come at an extra cost. Policies can include cover in the event that you are injured in your home, and legal cover is also available in the event that a guest or visitor is injured due to negligence or lack of upkeep of the property.

Contents Insurance

Contents insurance is designed to protect your belongings. As a general rule, your contents are the things that could be taken with you if you decided to move house.

Think to yourself: “If I had to replace everything in my house after a fire, how much would it cost me?”

Chances are that the figure is in the tens of thousands. This is where contents insurance comes in.

A contents insurance policy protects your stuff against theft or damage from fire and flooding. This could include things like:

  • Furniture - beds, sofas, wardrobes and dining tables.

  • Entertainment - DVDs, CDs, video games, books and vinyl.

  • Kitchenware - pots, pans, cutlery as well as microwaves, kettles etc.

  • Soft furnishings - cushions, curtain and bedding.

  • Electricals - TVs, DVD players, laptops, games consoles and digital media.

  • Toys, ornaments and antiques.

  • Clothes and jewellery.

The list goes on, and you’d be surprised at how much it all adds up.

Penny Mortgages will go through your requirements with you and help find the Home Insurance that covers everything that is relevant to your circumstances. We provide insurance advice to provide you with the cover you require for your individual circumstances.

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